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 I certainly hope the beauty tips for women below will be of some help to whoever is reading.

Applying false eyelashes has been a “great fear” of mine for years! 😉 Even when I had my Youtube channel and while still, doing Facebook videos, the fear still remained. They just always intimidated me. Let me just say…I knew what the outcome was going to be!!

The results weren't far off as I recently experienced. <3

So yes, I finally took the plunge and tried applying false eyelashes for the very first time. Yeah, me!!! Or, not??

Just sayin…”It was an experience…a learning experience nonetheless.” I had some fun with it, however, very frustrating. lol

I decided to do it all on film. I actually did a silent video with some uplifting, elevator music in the background. Which, I’m not the owner of the music played, BTW. 😉

I thought (not talking) would help me a lot. And, it did. It surely made it easier! I did have issues with posting it on Facebook. Although, I thought it may help other ladies by pointing out what I did wrong, and also, sharing tips I’ve learned, from others, and researching online.

That’s why I chose to write this blog post. 😉

Things You Will Need To Start

Lash Glue/Adhesive

Q Tips

Makeup Wipes


Now Onto Those Tips

1) Do watch tutorial Youtube and other videos with (experienced) ladies showing how to effectively apply false lashes for obvious reasons. Mine was FAR FROM a tutorial! lol – That was just me sharing my experience of trying them for the first time.

2) Don’t use tweezers. Hey, unless they work for you and you’re experienced. Most beginners don’t like the tweezers. I DID NOT! Most find that using fingers is much easier.

3) Do let the glue/adhesive get a little tacky before applying lashes. Otherwise, the lashes will move around and will most likely make your lids messy.

4) Don’t choose synthetic eyelashes. Choose lashes with natural fibers. Synthetic ones are more bulky, heavy. This just makes sense that the ones with natural fibers are lightweight and much easier to apply.

5) Do measure your eyes with the lashes and trim off excess length accordingly before applying. This will indeed make your life easier!

6) Don’t choose super long lashes if you have extremely hooded eyes. With hooded eyes, long ones will end up hitting your brows, and they won’t look natural…especially with (extremely) hooded eyes.

7) Do apply eye makeup first except for liner. In my video, I applied makeup AFTER applying the false lashes, and it ended up being a big mess. It did loosen them a bit by doing my makeup last.

Applying liner after the lashes squares off the look and it just looks much more natural

8) Don’t start out with thick-banded lashes. Stat with lighter ones that are more flexible. Working with thinner-banded ones will most likely be more user-friendly to beginners. ME, ME, ME!!! LOL

9) Do cut false lashes into three sections; especially if you’re brand new to applying them, and you find them extra challenging. They are much easier to work with in sections. Try it! 😉

10) Don’t apply glue on top of the false lashes if they don’t stick well.

The Video

I did this, and it made my lids a hot mess. Instead, be patient, and take the time to remove them, gently clean the old glue off, and then reapply.

I hope you found these tips useful. Applying falsies is tricky, and everyone is different in what works the best. I say, “Do whatever works for you without the process becoming a danger to your eyes. <3

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