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I’m loving the new Avon Aqua Bomb

, especially as a makeup primer! Amazing stuff. 🙂 <3

I did an Avon Unboxing yesterday, and I wanted to share it with ya’ll.

Unboxings are so much fun to do! I absolutely LOVE what I do

I adore makeup so much; in fact, I’m obsessed with it!!!

Avon’s Aqua Bomb and Aqua Moisturizing Bomb is all the rage currently. I think it’s the most trendy of skin care products that they’ve offered in a long while.

The Aqua Bomb is amazing for a deep moisturizer too.

avon aqua bomb
avon aqua bomb


Now Onto That Video!

Two Products I’m Loving, One Product I’m Hating, and Avon Unboxing

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Thank you so much for reading! (and watching). 😉

i love avon
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